Vandoren Reed Test

Curious about Vandoren's new reeds for saxophone  I stopped by the Vandoren Musician's Advisory Studio in NYC to learn more about the V21and V12 for saxophone. 

I've been using the V12 for clarinet for a while and really like them so I wanted to see how they work on alto sax. I heard some good things about the V21 so I wanted to see how they play as well. In the following video I play the V21, the V12 and also a Blue Box reed to compare them with something that I'm familiar with. The sax audio is recorded on a Zoom H2. 

While playing the reeds at home I liked the V12 best but I instantly found out that he V21 works much better for me when I took them to work. The bigger tone and more stable core really worked out well the gigs and I used the same V21 reed for about 12 hours of hard playing and it still plays well.

I don't endorse any particular brand or style of reed, I just wanted to educate myself and hopefully you will find this helpful as well.

I should also mention that I've only tried them out for alto sax so I'm still not sure how they work on the other horns.

New Mouthpiece Update II

Creating this new line of mouthpieces has involved everything from my household refrigerator to 3000 grit sandpaper, coffee stirrers to a vacuum chamber. Two days ago I polished all the blanks and did most of the chamber work so now finally I'm where my work usually starts. The work involved in facing and finishing the blanks is similar to the refacing work that I usually do. Over the next week I will work on finishing these pieces and make them available in the online store.


Starry Sky

Because of the composition of the material used for these blanks they get this really interesting and beautiful surface. It makes me think of the Milky Way.

New Mouthpiece Update I

I've been working on developing a new technique for making mouthpieces for a while now. I am now finally in the process of creating the first limited run of a mouthpiece that is inspired by the Early Babbitt hard rubber mouthpieces. The material in these new pieces is a porcelain resin that resonates really well. 

It's been taking a lot longer than I anticipated with an enormous amount of prototyping with different materials, facing and other design variations, and play testing. 


Prepping the Blanks

The game was to create a modern handmade mouthpiece for less than $300 dollars. Although I may not succeed at that, there are over 20 steps in the production before the facing and hand finishing of the mouthpiece, but the pricing will stay in that neighborhood.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Also please comment with question, ideas below.