New Mouthpiece Update I

I've been working on developing a new technique for making mouthpieces for a while now. I am now finally in the process of creating the first limited run of a mouthpiece that is inspired by the Early Babbitt hard rubber mouthpieces. The material in these new pieces is a porcelain resin that resonates really well. 

It's been taking a lot longer than I anticipated with an enormous amount of prototyping with different materials, facing and other design variations, and play testing. 


Prepping the Blanks

The game was to create a modern handmade mouthpiece for less than $300 dollars. Although I may not succeed at that, there are over 20 steps in the production before the facing and hand finishing of the mouthpiece, but the pricing will stay in that neighborhood.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Also please comment with question, ideas below.

Stephan Kammerer