Vandoren Reed Test

Curious about Vandoren's new reeds for saxophone  I stopped by the Vandoren Musician's Advisory Studio in NYC to learn more about the V21and V12 for saxophone. 

I've been using the V12 for clarinet for a while and really like them so I wanted to see how they work on alto sax. I heard some good things about the V21 so I wanted to see how they play as well. In the following video I play the V21, the V12 and also a Blue Box reed to compare them with something that I'm familiar with. The sax audio is recorded on a Zoom H2. 

While playing the reeds at home I liked the V12 best but I instantly found out that he V21 works much better for me when I took them to work. The bigger tone and more stable core really worked out well the gigs and I used the same V21 reed for about 12 hours of hard playing and it still plays well.

I don't endorse any particular brand or style of reed, I just wanted to educate myself and hopefully you will find this helpful as well.

I should also mention that I've only tried them out for alto sax so I'm still not sure how they work on the other horns.