SK Mouthpieces is committed to supporting saxophone players worldwide with state-of-the-art, high-precision mouthpiece work. We customize every mouthpiece to the individual customer’s style and preferences.


Full Mouthpiece Refacing


  • Checking and flattening the table

  • Adjustment of side rails

  • Fitting of tip to the desired reed

  • Adjustment and reshaping of baffle

  • Shaping of tip rail

  • Adjustment of the facing, exact symmetry and optimized layout is achieved using up to 23 gauge points. (Traditional measuring kits use 7-10)

  • Buffing and finishing.


Bite Plates

$85 for bite plate replacement


Other Services

  • Chipped tips

  • Cracked shanks

  • Adjustment on the facing

  • Baffle work

Mouthpiece Refacing

$209.35 for Hardrubber and Brass
$245.30 for Bronze and Stainless steel

Other Services

$85 for bite plate replacement
$85 per hour for hourly work.

$35 for measuring and assessment. This fee can be applied towards the cost of any work done on the mouthpiece if client choses to proceed.

Add tax, shipping and insurance cost to all prices if applicable.