SK Mouthpieces

SK Mouthpieces is committed to supporting saxophone players worldwide with state of the art mouthpiece refacing and customized mouthpieces.
High accuracy refacing, correction and hand finishing of saxophone mouthpieces


The sound is not in the equipment – the metal, the mouthpiece, reed – but in your head, and hopefully your heart. Stephan Kammerer of SK Mouthpieces embraces this philosophy, working with the utmost care and precision. Easy going, patient and open-minded, Stephan works as both an artist and scientist. We talked about my personal sound and concept, and after a few visits, some play testing and adjustments, my vintage Reso Chamber Otto Link plays better than ever. The response is fantastic, vibrant, more reed friendly, wider color palate, while preserving that special vintage quality. I feel closer to the full, warm, authentic tenor sound I’m hearing. I can’t recommend SK Mouthpieces highly enough – a must for any saxophonist serious about sound! Sam Taylor, reface reso chamber Otto Link, Tenor