Tom Pereira

I got the mouthpiece in the mail yesterday. All I can say is that I can’t believe it’s the same mouthpiece. It plays absolutely beautifully from top to bottom, super even and absolutely like an EB should play. I’m playing on a four and a half and it blows so easily.

Reface Otto Link Florida STM and Early Babbitt hard rubber, tenor

The sound is not in the equipment – the metal, the mouthpiece, reed – but in your head, and hopefully your heart. Stephan Kammerer of SK Mouthpieces embraces this philosophy, working with the utmost care and precision. Easy going, patient and open-minded, Stephan works as both an artist and scientist. We talked about my personal sound and concept, and after a few visits, some play testing and adjustments, my vintage Reso Chamber Otto Link plays better than ever. The response is fantastic, vibrant, more reed friendly, wider color palate, while preserving that special vintage quality. I feel closer to the full, warm, authentic tenor sound I’m hearing. I can’t recommend SK Mouthpieces highly enough – a must for any saxophonist serious about sound!

Reface reso chamber Otto Link, Tenor

Daniel Schluchter

Hi Stephan,

What a perfect timing. The mouthpiece came in on Friday just when we came back from holidays.

I played the mouthpiece yesterday and today and I must say it’s just outstanding! It’s fat, it’s loud or it’s soft and sweet. Especially in the upper register and the palm keys the notes have so much more body. The sound really comes out the way you want it. It has exactly the right amount of resistance and the Java red 2.5 reed fits perfectly. Finally there is that Cannonbal-ish sizzling in the tone I was looking for so much time. It’s such a joy to play. And last but not least I thought I could never play the top tones so effortlessly like David Mann. I mean he’s a monster alto player anyway! But man, with that mouthpiece the high notes just come out as naturally as any other note. Just fantastic!

Thanks again for such a great piece of art.

SK New York Custom 80 for alto

It’s absolutely phenomenal. The tone is incredibly rich and full and it allows me a depth of sound I haven’t experienced on alto before.

SK New York Custom 80 for alto

Arin Grigg

Hi Stephan,

The mouthpiece is here, safe and very well packed. What shall I say …. You have fulfilled one of my sound dreams, fantastic work, quick response, egality over the whole range of 4 octaves, nice core, my horn sings the first time! It is bright , but also full in the mid and low octaves. You are an mouthpiece artist! It feels as if I played with a blanket in the bow before and now easy and free. I played 3 hours uninterrupted with joy!

Otto Link STM vintage specs

Joerg Ruettgers


I just tried the mouthpiece (Lawton) and it’s fantastic now. It plays easily and it feels well balanced. I can get a very beautiful warm tone at low volumes and it gets edgy like it’s suppose to when I push it. The low notes come out easy. The altissimo is great. It’s more reed friendly now. This will be my number one mouthpiece now. I appreciate your good work. I will definitely send more mouthieces to you to customize in the future. I have a soprano and alto mouthpiece, I would like you look at.

Reface Lawton 9BB, Tenor

Mark White

Hi Stephan, just tried the piece… and it sounds great!!! You really did an amazing job! Everything is extremely well balanced, the bounce, the resistance and the evenness all over the horn.

Reface Otto Link Florida STM, Tenor

The piece plays great – you rock!

Reface Berg Larsen, Baritone

David Mann

Dude! The mouthpiece feels amazing ! Played it on my gig last night. Thanks again. Feels like my horn was overhauled lol!

Reface Vandoren V-16, tenor

Matt Cowan

Stephan is a craftsman of the highest order and a true pleasure to work with. He took the time to not only get my mouthpiece adjusted just right, he also explained to me along the way what he was doing. The benefits of this kind of work and education is invaluable. He also listened closely to my requests as well as my sound and made sure to adjust for all the factors he could hear and observe. And his prices are incredibly reasonable. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Reface Selmer Soloist, baritone

Stephan, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you about your mouthpiece.  I must say once I found the right reed for it, it played wonderfully.  This truly is a lead alto mouthpiece as it solos wonderfully.  I play it in the Community Concert Band here in Sun City Huntley, IL.  It blends beautifully with the 1st alto player, I play 2nd alto. And also blends beautifully with the band.  This truly is a special piece.  Thank you so much for designing this mouthpiece. My music teacher says now I have a beautiful professional sound and I can play loud.  He now wants me to learn the cycle of fourths (scales) so my next step is improvisation so that I can play the music I want to play.  Also he wants me to learn to jam with other musicians.  And I am 71 years old.  Boy I wish I did this when I was younger.

SK New York Custom 75 for alto

Edwin Zielinski

Hi Stephan, I took a few days to try out the mouthpiece you refaced. I absolutely love it! Right away I was quite surprised how easily I was able to navigate the full range of the instrument. Before the refacing I had a lot of difficulty in the low notes. What I’ve noticed is that the reed feels like it vibrates freely and sounds clean. I suppose the sound is sweeter. It sings! It is by far the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played. Thanks again! Cheers,

Reface Selmer Classic Metal Mouthpiece, soprano

Dan Shimmyo

Stephan, I stopped home briefly between jobs today in time to get your mpc from the USPS. Went to my gig, popped it on & played it. Amazing! Really, really amazing! Seriously, it’s exactly what it’s billed as – a rich, fat sound that has bite but never thins out. It sounds great on the mic & the resistance is perfect for me so far. I’ll live with it for a few weeks & let you know if there’s anything I’d like tweaked but my initial take on it is it’s exactly what I’d been searching for. Perfect! Thank you!

New York Custom 80 mouthpiece

Hi Stephan its Griffin from Canada! So the alto mouthpiece is amazing. Its so free blowing and the sound is so full and pure. It plays amazingly in all registers and I just started playing some altissimo notes and it sounds better than I expected. Anyways, thanks so much for all that help and for the fantastic mouthpiece!

New York Custom 80 mouthpiece

Griffin Vona

Hi Stephan,

I haven’t played anything else except for the otto link mouthpiece you refaced for me. Its giving me everything I want! Thanks for the great work

Reface Otto Link Florida STM

Alex Murzyn

Hi Stephan

The .077” piece arrived this morning. I got on with it straight away. It’s great. You’ve done exactly as you said and made it play with the flexibility of the .080”; no problems, no squeaks etc. and it has that thing I like so much about the .080”, warmth and cut within the same piece, depending upon how I play it.
Thanks so much, you’ve nailed it!
Best wishes

New York Custom 77 mouthpiece